Does Your Nutrition Affect Fertility?

Does Your Nutrition Affect Fertility?

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Have you wondered…does your nutrition affect fertility?  The simple truth may astound you because what we eat influences how our body operates.  Fertility is no different.  What we eat can affect our ability to conceive.  There is new research indicating that certain foods can have a positive effect on a woman’s body and her ability to conceive.

One study done by Nurse’s Health showed that women who eating a low-fat dairy diet actually impacted ovulation; women eating a high fat diary products diet had an increased fertility rate.  The theory is that low-fat dairy products contain a hormone imbalance which could contribute to a woman’s hormonal imbalance increasing the risk for fertility difficulties.  Including two servings of organic, high fat dairy products into a woman’s diet may in fact assist in balancing the a woman’s hormones and her chance for conception.

The study also suggests that you get your protein from a variety of sources.  When we think protein, we tend to think meat.  The study showed that when you replace up to 25 grams of animal protein with 25 grams of plant protein the women had a lower risk of infertility during ovulation.  Plant proteins come from beans, nuts, whole grains and many seeds.  The research suggests that this is not only true for women, but for male fertility as well.  Why?  Plant protein is packaged differently in nature.  Animal protein is high in iron (which we need); while plant protein has a balance of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Balance is the key.

Plant protein such as whole grains and beans also provides the best quality carbohydrates that the body needs. The quality rather than the quantity of carbohydrate can enhance your chances for ovulation.

Everything within our bodies is connected. Eating a balanced diet is vital for optimal health.  When our bodies are healthy and balanced, the reproductive system can balance hormonal production and have a greater chance of successful conception.

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