The Power of Your Mind and BioFeedBack

The Power of Your Mind and BioFeedBack

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Can you ease chronic pain, lower blood pressure or  menstrual cycle difficulties with the power of your mind?  With biofeedback therapy you can train your brain to react differently to its stresses.  Bio feedback, a non-intrusive, mind-body therapy offers benefits for a variety of dis-easy body symptoms.  Using biofeedback you can retrain your mind to respond instead of react when stresses arise.  With no adverse side effects, biofeedback users show their ability to relieve migraine, fibromyalgia, depression, high blood pressure and even incontinence stress.

Biofeedback takes the brain’s “invisible” reactions and makes them visible through the mirror of the sensors. The mirror of the sensors reflect the physiology of your own body and allows you to recreate a new strategy to change your reaction into a useful response.

The power of your mind is connected to your physical body through your thoughts and emotions.  When you experience a change in your thoughts or emotions, that change is connected to your physical body’s neural connections. Biofeedback gives you the control to how you experience change.

Electrodes are attached to your skin that monitor how your body processes experience what you normally don’t see – making the invisible visible.  When you are aware of and can see the reaction, you can change your reaction into a conscious response.

The techniques and exercises used in biofeedback also makes the relaxation affects and recreation of reactions visible.  Having your involuntary reactions visible gives you the ability to tap into the power of the mind and change how you react by creating new neural connections.  In a few sessions you can learn to tap into the power of your mind and take control of your dis-ease. Learning the therapeutic exercises through biofeedback can assist you in gaining control over your wellbeing by reducing the stresses of many health issues.

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