About Karen Krchma, RDN, CD, CBS

Karen is a graduate of Mount Mary University. She practiced in a variety of settings including hospital, mental health facility, long term care, contract food service, and private practice. Currently Karen is in private practice focusing on complimentary care through the use of functional nutrition, i.e., utilizing food and nutrition to assist the body to actually function as it was intended. Karen embraces illness prevention, recovery from illness, and anti aging in her practice.

Karen became interested in alternative practices after recognizing that traditional nutritional care only inadequately addresses prevailing illnesses. Having found support and corrective measures for her own health problems through functional food, Karen began the exploration of the many non-traditional practices including the power of functional nutrition through supplements and herbs, homeopathics, and techniques from Hanna Kroeger, Metagenics, and so much more.

Karen dedicates herself to the continued research and study of wellness techniques through many hours of continuing education in wellness and whole-health practices. Some of these continued education study areas include Reiki (master), Essential Oils, Quantum Biofeedback, and most recently as a teacher for Australian Bush Flower Essences. Karen continues to work diligently to bring techniques from every aspect of alternative complimentary medicine to help you enjoy natural wellness for your health.